Stephen Ministry Opioid Addiction Discussion

February 4, 2019

DFUMC Stephen Ministry is offering a presentation with discussion on the Opioid Epidemic on Monday, March 4th at 7pm. Carolyn Arndt of DFUMC attended Arizona Attorney General's Office’s Opioid Epidemic basic training in January. Training includes warning signs of opioid addiction, and resources for families struggling with opioid addiction. Learn how to spot the signs of addiction, how to keep your pills safely, and what to do to get help for yourself or a loved one. No one recovering from knee surgery or hip replacement anticipates becoming addicted, yet seniors face the second highest rate of opioid addiction. A shocking percentage of youth recovering from sports injuries and dental surgery have quickly become opiate addicted. It is dangerous to think it would not happen in your home, and understanding risk factors leading to abuse is an important step in prevention. Everyone is welcome to attend.