Family Promise Hosting Cancellation

January 29, 2019

Desert Foothills Friends,
I am sorry to inform you that Family Promise will not be able to  give us a rotation next week due to transportation issues in the organization.
For several years, Family Promise has had 2 rotations happening simultaneously which serves 8 homeless families. Next week, Feb 3-10, they are launching a new Glendale rotation which will enable them to help 4 more families.
Currently Family Promise owns 2 vans that transport the families to and from the churches. They received a grant for a third van, picked it out, but it is not in service yet. Logistically it did not work for the organization to include DF in next week’s rotation. Family Promise was very apologetic for the changes next week.
I want to thank all of you for your willingness to volunteer your time, your talents and your donations. We as a congregation have grown to love our Family Promise weeks. As a church with a strong gift of service, our hospitality has touched many families over the years, and we reap the blessings. 
Family Promise is a successful organization working to help homeless families in the greater Phoenix area find housing, jobs, and community.  They rely on and appreciate hosting churches like us.  We will be given another week in place of the cancelled week, plus our already other scheduled week of June 17-24.  We look forward to supporting Family Promise and doing our part to minister the families in our future weeks.
If you already purchased or donated food items to be used in the kitchen next week, please make sure they are in the church kitchen by Sunday, Feb 3, and I will deliver all donated juices, sandwich meat, etc. to the Family Promise Day center to be used by the families.
Thank you for your understanding. Pray for the organization as they grow to help the increasing need of homelessness.  If you have any questions, or if you have an interest in helping with Scottsdale Nazarene hosting next week in our place, please contact me.
Jill Kyroudis