[DF]Fit 25/40 Lenten Love Challenge

February 7, 2018

[DF]Fit - Desert Foothills Fitness Ministry Invites You to the 25/40 LOVE Challenge! Lent starts on February 14th this year – so the theme of LOVE for a fitness challenge was too good to pass up! In years past, [DF] Fit has done three Run for God challenges – culminating in a 5K or 10K run.   Let’s do the LOVE challenge. [DF] Fit challenges you to walk, run, pray, meditate, breathe with GOD for 25 minutes every day for the 40 days of Lent. Request to join the [DF] Fit Facebook page, and each week we will provide a scripture or words of inspiration to meditate on while you exercise or to pray over in your own way. It inspires me to think of all of us intentionally focused on LOVE and the transformation it might bring about within us and around us. Invite a friend to join you! I’m looking forward to the journey. Contact Jill Sears at jilpada@cox.net for more information!