Digital Insights to a Spiritual World

Each week, join us from the comfort of your home as we experience an interactive gathering online. (Due to the pandemic and the order from our Bishop to keep church buildings closed until key indicators are met following CDC guidelines to mitigate new outbreaks of infections). We will only be gathering online for the time being. Please check church email communications for updates. There are many ways to worship God during this time, as always.

How can I join the church for worship?
1) Live, interactive worship service: Join us for a unique and friendly exprience on ZOOM. At 9:30am "Gather in the Narthex" for conversation and chat time and at 10:00am we begin an online gathering. If you join this, a part of the service will be recorded, but not individual faces of paricipants. We take every precaution to make this a safe space. If you would like to particpate and have not received an email, please email for the details on how to join or call or text Pastor Kristin or Sallie. You can call or join in by computer for free.
2) Pre-recorded video: Around noon each Sunday, we will post an edited worship service for those who wish to watch from home. It includes prayer, communion, sermon and special music. 

I've never been to your church. Can I participate in the Sunday gatherings?
YES! If you are a visitor and would like to participate, we welcome you to join us! Send us an email at and include your name, home state, and a little bit about yourself so we can look for you online! We will send you information about joining our live, interactive online gathering or how to watch our pre-recorded video gathering.

I'm not in Phoenix. Can I be a part of your church?
We'd love to have you join us! We have people who log in from all over the world.You can send a note to Pastor Kristin at and let her know you would like to find out more about how to be a part of the church. 

Why is your church worshiping online?
We believe that according to scripture, we have a moral and biblical obligation to care for one another. We all look forward to the time when we're able to meet together in person again. For now, the most loving response that we can offer one another is to worship online and continue the work of the church by praying, connecting with each other online and on the phone, reading our Bibles, sending each other encouragement, and caring for our community in our essential mission and outreach. To read more about the Covid-19 response and updates on when and how our churches will reopen, visit

How do I prepare for worship online?
Getting ready to view the gathering: 1) Gather communion elements. We don't want you to go out and purchase anything special. You can use water or some kind of juice or liquid and bread or a cookie or cracker. Use what you have on hand. 2) Prepare yourself to be patient for the unexpected. It will be new for many of us. It's okay if things don't work out. we have time to work together and the video will be available later in the day, even if you are not able to connect.

When I share a prayer request what happens with it?
When we receive a prayer request, first we pray. If the person who requested the prayer also requested that the prayer be kept confidential, only the staff will be praying with you. It will not be shared any further. If the person who requested the prayer also requested that it be shared, it is shared with our prayer chain and put on our weekly prayer list. We will maintain it on our list for a few weeks or until we hear of an update in the situation. At Desert Foothills United Methodist Church, we believe in the power of prayer and the people of God. We know that our prayers to God make a difference in the world. We encourage you to join us in prayer not just on Sundays, but whenever the Holy Spirit puts something on your heart to pray for. There are no special words that have to be used. It's a conversation with God. May you feel the encouragement of Christ as you learn to open yourself to pray for others!

If you participated in online worship, please register your attendance.